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    Group Joining
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    Rs. 195,000

Kailash Overland Yatra by Bus from Kathmandu

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is considered as one of the most pious pilgrimage for the followers of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions and at the same time the most difficult spiritual adventure trips of Asia. However, with Kailash Mansarovar overland tours the difficult terrain of Kailash Manasarovar becomes comparatively easy and accessible with the modern road infrastructure and transport system in Tibet. This 14 days long trip filled with spirit of adventure begins from Kathmandu with a rough and scenic drive to Keyrung, crossing Nepalese border at Rasuwagadi. The black top roads of Tibet leading to Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash offers scenic view of snowcapped mountains and great Tibetan plains.

Trip Schedule

13 nights / 14 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu by road
  • Day 01 : Arrival in Kathmandu

    Start your trip from Kathmandu today as you arrive at Kathmandu international airport. Upon arrival the representative of Max Holidays will greet you outside the airport and will provide you transfer to your hotel in Kathmandu. Rest of the time is free. Dinner and night stay will be at the hotel.

    Meals included: Veg Dinner at the hotel, Max. Elevation: 1400m Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis
  • Day 02 : Kathmandu sightseeing

    At around 08.00 am the temple visit will start. We will try to reach Pashupatinath Temple before 09.00am to attend aarti in the main temple. Also visit many small and big temples in the complex. After visiting Pashupatinath Temple visit the ‘Sleeping Vishnu’ Temple (Jal Narayan Temple) and Guheshwari Mata Temple. After visiting temples, drive back to your hotel and spend time in preparing for the next day travel to Nepal-China border. If you want to buy some stuff for your trip you may pay a visit to the popular market of Thamel. Here you may get almost every item related to trekking and adventure activities. In the evening, we will have short briefing program followed by introduction of all group members. Overnight stay and dinner at the hotel.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Max. Elevation: 1400m, Distance Covered: 40 kms within the city / 04 hours Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis

    Optional Tour : An hour mountain flight over the world’s highest mountain peaks can be a feast for the eyes of the travelers. The flight departs at around 06.30am from domestic airport. If you want to take this trip, please book in advance to avoid non-availability of seats.

  • Day 03 : Kathmandu to Syabrubesi

    After breakfast, the group will drive to Syabru Besi (2380m) in a bus. The drive to Syabru Besi is not long in distance but the bad road conditions and traffic can make it much tiring, uncomfortable and time taking. Estimated driving time is around 07 - 08 hours to cover the distance of 148kms. Upon reaching Syabru Besi, stay will be organized in a lodge. Dinner and stay at Syabru Besi.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 2380m, Distance Covered: 148 kms / 7-8 hours approx. Accommodation Style: Backcountry accommodation/Guesthouse
  • Day 04 : Shyabrubesi to Kyirong

    Today the group will be entering China and there can be time taking formalities at the border immigration. The guide might announce early wake up and breakfast so that we reach the border early to avoid rush of pilgrims at the border immigration counter. We start our short drive to the Nepalese border Rasuwagadhi (1850m) which is about 15 kms 01 hour) from Syabru Besi. After completing immigration formalities, the group will cross the border on foot to reach China side. The pilgrims are then transferred on their Chinese bus for onward 110 kms drive to Kyirong (2700m). Travel in sturdy and comfortable vehicles that are controlled and guided by Tibetans. The accompanying Nepalese Sherpas get into the coaches after loading your luggage, necessary food materials, water supply etc and the onward journey into the Tibetan/Chinese region continues toward the town of Kyirong (also spelled as Gyirong or Kerung or Keyrong sometimes). On arrival, check into your guesthouse and take rest. Our kitchen crew will serve hot tea or coffee with light snacks within short interval of time, after setting their kitchen. Then you can stroll around hotel vicinity or go for a walk in nearby markets. Dinner will be prepared by our Nepalese chef and serve between 7 to 8 PM (local time). Overnight stay will be in a guesthouse at Keyrong in dormitory style.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 2700m, Distance Covered: 125 kms / 4 hours approx, Accommodation Style: Hotel / Guesthouse sharing basis

    Important Remark : As you are staying now travelling in high altitude, there might be some consequences of uneasy feeling with your health, therefore it is advised to all travelers that they drink liquid more as possible that may be in any form of soup, juice, tea, coffee or hot water etc. This will help them in rehydration as well as in improving the breathing system.

  • Day 05 : Free day Kyirong for acclimatisation

    This day is reserved for acclimatization in Tibet’s tough climatic conditions. Our tour manager will assist you for a short hike in and around Keyrong for warming up your body to adjust with Tibet’s high altitude. Also, you can enjoy the day with chanting Bhajan or Katha in the guesthouse. (Note - If situation permits, the guides may take the group to Saga today for night stay).

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 2700m (if at Kyirong), 4640m (if at Saga) Distance Covered: 0km Accommodation Style: Guesthouse on sharing basis
  • Day 06 : Kyirong to Saga / Zhongba

    The enjoyable drive through the mountains terrain and then the plains of Tibet provides us a marvelous view as we travel to Saga from Keyrong. Cross the Yarlung Zangpo (Brahmaputra River) and then turn for the northern route, and arrive at beautiful town of Saga (4640m). Saga is a beautiful Tibetan town with some fairly good hotel or guesthouses, some good local restaurants and market where you can spend good time while acclimatizing. Meals and night stay will be at Saga.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 4640m Distance Covered: 105 kms to Saga / 300 kms to Zongba Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis

    Note: If time and situation permits, the guide may take the group further to Zhongba (also known as Dongba) for night stay to minimize the driving time for the following day to Lake Mansarovar. Please follow guides instructions.

  • Day 07 : Saga to Lake Mansarovar

    Today is an important day of your drive as today you will not only reach the holy Lake Mansarovar but will also get the first glimpse of holy Mount Kailash. The drive starts early as we have to travel a long way to Lake Mansarovar and there are several check points on the way which will make the journey tiring and time taking. It is estimated to start the drive by 07.00 am. Before Mayumla Pass (4900m) we will stop at the check post. From here we continue our drive to Lake Mansarovar and get the first darshan of Mount Kailash. Though the drive today is long but the road conditions are good and surrounded with scenic beauty. Reach Lake Mansarovar and check into a guesthouse. Dinner and stay will be at the guesthouse.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 4590m Distance Covered: 461kms Accommodation Style: Guesthouse on sharing basis

    Night view of Lake Mansarovar : In the night the travelers may pay a visit to Lake Mansarovar to witness its beauty under the moon light. Though visiting lake in the night is completely safe but it is advisable to go in a group and if possible take a Nepalese Sherpa with you for any required help. Cover yourself properly with warm clothes or blanket as the temperature outside will be cold. Also don’t forget to carry a torch and a whistle.

  • Day 08 : Lake Mansarovar to Darchen

    Early morning visit the Mansarovar lake for holy bath, performing puja, hawan and other rituals as per your own customs. The lake looks stunning in the morning and the beautiful sight of Mount Kailash makes it even more delightful. The water of the lake will be definitely very cold but the devotees are always full of spirituality and devotion and do not wish to skip this holy bath. It is to be noted carefully that the recent change in the law of Tibetan Govt has restricted dip bath in the lake and has categorized it as a punishable offence. So kindly refrain from going inside the lake and for the bath ask our sherpas only to bring water in a bucket for you. After dip bath and prayer the group is ready to drive to Darchen and will travel through Rakshasa Taal and Chiu Gompa by performing 70% parikrama of the holy lake. Remaining part of parikrama will be performed while coming back from Darchen after kora of Mt. Kailash.

    On reaching Darchen check into the hotel and spend rest of the time relaxing and preparing for the next day kora of Mount Kailash. Dinner and night stay at the hotel.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 4575m Distance Covered: 114kms Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis
  • Day 09 : 1st Day kora/parikrama of Mt. Kailash, 12kms trek to Dirapuk

    Today, we wake up early and after taking light breakfast, we head to Tarboche. Do not forget to fill your water bottle before leaving for the trek. All pilgrims have the opportunity to visit Yama Dwar before trek (kora) starts. Tarboche is the point (towards the South face of Mount Kailash) where one can hire horse/pony to ride on the trek during the kora. The price and availability of horse/pony and porter is controlled by the local Union and Kailash yatra trip operators and our team will have no control over it. From Tarboche we proceed to Yama Dwar which is considered to be the start point of Kailash kora. From Yama Dwar we start 12 kms trek to Dirapuk slowly and gradually. The trek to Dirapuk Gompa today is fairly easy but as you walk in high altitude lack of oxygen in the air makes the trek little difficult, as you feel short of breath on the trek. We will take a stop in the middle of the trek where we find some small shops and tea stall and then again continue to Dirapuk. On reaching Dirapuk the pilgrims will see the majestic Mount Kailash standing high on right side of their trek. Take some beautiful photos and then continue to your guesthouse near Dirapuk Monastery. The night will be too cold below zero degree temperature so we will have quick and light dinner (Khichdi, soup etc) and rest in the bed.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 5210m Distance Covered: 06 kms drive + 12 kms hiking Accommodation Style: Guesthouse on sharing basis

    Important remark : Group members who want to make change in their schedule and do not want to go for trekking may visit Yam Dwar and come back to the hotel at Taklakot. They may ask the guide to arrange for their additional hotel stay in Darchen and can pay for their hotel and other additional expenses directly.

    Optional trip from Darchen : It is possible to arrange a visit to Ashtapad from Darchen on request of the pilgrim but please be informed that one should trek from Darchen to Ashtapad and back to Darchen, as there is no transport service permitted by Chinese authorities in this area. The trip to Ashtapad is subject to permission of local authorities and on direct payment basis to Tibetan Guides.

    Visit Charan Sparsh from Dirapuk : Charan Sparsh (5475m is 3 kms one side trek from Dirapuk. One can consult with tour guide to take this short trek to touch the feet of Mt. Kailash (considered to be Lord Shiva Himself). This trek is not a part of the package and depends on weather conditions and guide’s advise. (Distance 03 kms / 02 hours one side / very challenging trek)

  • Day 10 : 2nd Day parikrama, 22kms trek to Zuthulpukh via Gauri Kund

    Wake up very early morning before dawn and witness the first sunlight on Mt. Kailash offering amazing view of the ‘Golden Kailash’. Take a quick light breakfast, fill hot water in your flask and carry your snacks for the lunch and get ready to begin the trek towards Zuthulphuk. This day is considered as the toughest day of this entire trip as the trek goes steep up continuously up to Dolma-La pass (5630 m) and then steep down to Gauri Kunda. Near Dolma La pass you will witness colourful flags around and belongings of people spread nearby. This place is called Shiva Tsal (Shiva Sthal). It is said that people performing parikrama must leave something behind here may be a used cloth or ornament or a drop of blood or a lock of hair which symbolizes the act of leaving this life behind and wishing for the end of a miserable life. The total trek today we have to cover is about 22 kms to reach Zuthulpuk Gompa for night stay.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 5630m Distance Covered: 22 kms challenging trekking Accommodation Style: Lodge on sharing basis

    Important remark : If at Dirapuk you do not feel for continuing trek further to Zuthulpuk and wish to change your schedule and go back to Darchen for night stay, you must inform the guide for additional arrangement for you. All additional expense for the change including accommodation and meals at Darchen are to be taken care by the traveler(s) changing their schedule.

  • Day 11 : 3rd Day trek to Darchen, Drive to Saga

    This is our last day on Mount Kailash trek. Wake up and after light breakfast we continue our trek down to reach Darchen. We walk on gradual trek for about 6 kms and reach at a point where the vehicles are waiting for us. The vehicles will take us to Darchen where other group members are waiting. After some refreshment continue drive to Saga by completing the remaining course (approx. 30%) of Lake Manasarovar parikrama by vehicle. Relaxed time and stay at guesthouse in Saga.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 4640m Distance Covered: 492kms Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis
  • Day 12 : Saga to Kyirong

    After breakfast we begin our journey towards Keyrung. We cross the bridge over beautiful Brahmaputra River and continue our journey across the vast open Tibetan plains. The journey offers stunning Himalayan views, particularly of Shishapangma and the Pieko-Tso Lake. Driving on well-pitched roads and mountainous terrain we reach Keyrung for night stay.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 2700m Distance Covered: 105kms Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis
  • Day 13 : Kyirong to Kathmandu via Rasuwagadhi

    After breakfast, drive towards Keyrong border. Here we walk to the Nepalese immigration control in Rasuwagadi, complete the Nepal entry formalities and get transferred to your vehicle standing in Nepal side. Drive further to Kathmandu. This drive may take about 7-8 hours or more by bus depending on road and traffic conditions. Dinner and night stay will be in the hotel at Kathmandu.

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Max. Elevation: 1400m Distance Covered: 262kms Accommodation Style: 3* equivalent hotel sharing basis
  • Day 14 : Fly back to home from Kathmandu

    Intime you will be transferred to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International airport to board your flight back to your hotel/next destination

    Meals included: Veg Breakfast

Kailash Manasarovar Overland Bus Yatra Cost for 2023 & 2024

INDIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS Rs. 195,000 + 5%GST Chines Visa - Included
Tibet Permit - Included
Nepal Visa - Not required
Insurance - Not included
NON INDIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS US$ 3045 Chines Visa - Included
Tibet Permit - Included
Nepal Visa - Payable on arrival
Insurance - Not included
US & CANADIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS US$ 3245 Chines Visa - Included
Tibet Permit - Included
Nepal Visa - Payable on arrival
Insurance - Not included

Note : Our prices are inclusive of new hike in trip expense including permits/visa/flights etc. All our tour bookings and services are subject to our Terms of Services and Booking & Cancellation Policy

Tentative Dates for Kailash Overland Yatra 2023 via Kathmandu

MAY'2023 22nd May 04th June SEND INQUIRY
29th May* 11th June SEND INQUIRY
JUNE'2023 05th June 18th June SEND INQUIRY
11th June 24th June SEND INQUIRY
15th June 28th June SEND INQUIRY
20th June 03rd July SEND INQUIRY
27th June* 10th July SEND INQUIRY
JULY'2023 03rd July 16th July SEND INQUIRY
08th July 21st July SEND INQUIRY
12th July 25th July SEND INQUIRY
20th July 02nd Aug SEND INQUIRY
26th July* 08th Aug SEND INQUIRY
AUGUST'2023 10th Aug 23rd Aug SEND INQUIRY
16th Aug 29th Aug SEND INQUIRY
21st Aug 03rd Sep SEND INQUIRY
25th Aug* 07th Sep SEND INQUIRY
28th Aug 10th Sep SEND INQUIRY
SEPTEMPBER'2023 01st Sep 14th Sep SEND INQUIRY
08th Sep 21st Sep SEND INQUIRY
12th Sep 25th Sep SEND INQUIRY
18th Sep 01st Oct SEND INQUIRY
23rd Sep* 06th Oct SEND INQUIRY
OCTOBER'2023 03rd Oct 16th Oct SEND INQUIRY
11th Oct 24th Oct SEND INQUIRY
18th Oct 31st Oct SEND INQUIRY

Note: Dates marked above with (*) are proposed to reach Lake Mansarovar during the Full moon day. It is considered to be more auspicious to take a holy bath here, during full moon time.

KAILASH YATRA 2024 DATES are available now. Check them at KMY 2024 Dates

Package Cost Inclusions & Exclusions

Nepal portion of the trip

  • Airport to hotel return transfers in Kathmandu
  • 03 night stay in a 3 star equivalent hotel in Kathmandu on sharing basis,
  • 03 breakfast, 03 lunches, 03 dinners in Kathmandu hotel (pure vegetarian buffet meal),
  • Temple visits in Kathmandu,
  • Kathmandu to Kyirong (Kerung) border return transfers by Nepalese non a/c bus,
  • 01 night stay in a guest house at Timure /SyabruBesi with local veg meals,

Tibet portion of the trip

  • 03 nights stay in a guesthouse at Kyirong on sharing basis with all veg meals,
  • 02 nights at Saga/Dongba in a hotel with all veg meals,
  • 01 night stay in a guesthouse near Lake Mansarovar on sharing basis with veg meals,
  • 01 night stay in a hotel at Darchen with all veg meals,
  • 01 night stay in a guesthouse at Dirapuk on sharing basis,
  • 01 night stay in a guesthouse at Zuthulpukh on sharing basis,
  • Light breakfast, packed lunches, light dinners during parikrama days,
  • Transport in Tibet side by Luxury air conditioned Tibetan bus,
  • Support truck to carry kitchen equipment and other material in Tibet,
  • English speaking Tibetan Tour guide cum Oficer in Tibet side,
  • Nepali tour leader supported by cook, helper and sherpa,
  • Basic first aid kit with tour guide,
  • Oxygen cylinders during trekking in Tibet for emergency use,
  • Necessary group travel permits for visiting restricted areas in Tibet,
  • Normal Tibet single entry group visa to visit Kailash Manasarovar,
  • Nepal-China border tax, all Nepalese and Tibetan Govt taxes,

Other Inclusions

  • 01 duffle bag, 01 backpack bag and 01 wind cheater or cap on complimentary basis,
  • Down Jacket on returnable basis (subject to availability),
  • Kailash Mansarovar Yatra completion certificate,
  • Free Puja kit with Hawan Samigri,
  • All Nepal and Tibet Govt taxes,

Important Remark: All meals on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra will be pure vegetarian. All above services and facilities are subject to availability.

Please check the list of extra expense that may have to be paid by the traveller for this trip:

  • Travel expense for travelling from home to Kathmandu and back,
  • Travel and medical insurance (kindly buy an insurance which is valid for high altitude travel and emergency evacuation expense),
  • Mule (Pony) and porter charges for Mount Kailash parikrama,
  • India Govt. GST (Goods and Service Tax),
  • TCS (Tax Collected at Source) 20% on total cost of the tour package (Valid for Indian residents from 01 July'2023),

List of other cost exclusions that may have to be taken care by travellers in extreme cases:

  • Additional hotel accommodation and meals for extra stay in the event of delay of the trip due to any unforeseen reason or changes,
  • Transport services for any additional sightseeing service which is not mentioned in the itinerary,
  • Emergency evacuation expenses,
  • Emergency medical expenses in the event of hospitalisation,
  • Extra expense for additional necessary permissions or visa splitting charges and all additional services in the event of change in tour plan by the traveller before or during the yatra,
  • Urgent visa fee if required,
  • All additional expense for returning early from the trip due to any personal reason,
  • Any and all additional expense or increase in cost of any trip item or service due to sudden hike in permit fee, visa charges, flight fares, hotel prices or price for other trip services by concerned authorities or flight companies or hotel owners or vendors etc. or due to any other reason or situation which is beyond our control,
  • Our services also does not include any other additional expense incurred before or during the trip due to any unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, weather conditions, natural disaster, act of God, technical failure, flight delay or cancelation, delay by authorities in issuing permits or entry visa, strikes, riots, political closures, not opening of the borders due to lockdown situation or any other reason, war situation, and/or any other situation or circumstances which are beyond our control,
  • Any service/s which is not mentioned in our above 'list of package cost inclusions' does not fall under the liability of the Company and the same will be paid by the traveller only in advance or at the time of consuming the service, as may be the requirement of the case,
  • Any expenses of personal nature,

Kailash Yatra Route Map for Overland Trip via Kathmandu

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